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Fenton Art Glass - Antiques with Gary Stover

This show highlights a collectible category in which the price trends are all positive--Fenton Art Glass. Curtis Silbaugh, investor & collector of Fenton, brings a number of his most interesting...

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How To Identify Valuable Glass by Dr. Lori

Ph.D. antiques appraiser Dr. Lori reveals tips to tell the difference between soda lime glass, pressed, molded, and cut glass. Ask Dr. Lori to appraise your object at http://www.DrLoriV.com/writt...

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How to Appraise Glassware : Antique Glassware, Pottery & More

Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowArtsandCrafts Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowArtsandCrafts You can appraise glassware to help get a more accurate...

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Fireplace HD with Relaxing Jazz Music - Non Stop

Fireplace HD with Relaxing Jazz Music - Non Stop On Christmas period just listen Christmas songs and enjoy these burning logs. Virtual Fireplace video in FULL HD 1080p. Enjoy this virtual...

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Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : How to Identify Depression Glass

Depression glass is very rare, as not many pieces were made and many pieces were broken over time. Find pink, green, blue and red glass pieces from the depression with helpful information from...

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Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : How to Identify Antique Crystal from Glass

Antique crystal and regular cut glass can be identified by tapping a teaspoon against the surface, as real crystal will sound a distinct ring. Differentiate between crystal and glass with helpful...

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Cut Glass vs. Imitation : Antique Glassware, Pottery & More

Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowArtsandCrafts Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowArtsandCrafts Cut glass and imitation glass may look similar, but...

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Lunch and Learn: Antique Glass and Ceramics

In Grandmother's Cupboard - Antique Glass and Ceramics Presented by Kathleen Dickerson.

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Jerrard Nares Mytton Antiques Glass

Jerrard Nares of Mytton Antiques continues his talks on antiques, this time he discusses 18th and 19th Century Glass.

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How To Make An Antique-Style Mirror | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

Tara shows off an incredibly easy and cheap way to get an antique effect on mirrors in your home. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food,...

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Antique Glass Gas pumps, some rare, Heritage Park (Calgary, Ab)

Planes Trains & Other Cool Stuff Glass gas pumps, Heritage Park. June 2009. Beautiful, ornate, colorful, cool, classic. Names long gone. Video still doesn't do it justice, this wonderful historica...

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Owens-Illinois Glass bottles with date codes explained, also Reed Glass Company, etc.

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What is a vintage antique glass flower frog?

What is a glass flower frog? It is used for flowers exactly what the name says. It has many different holes that go straight through and you place your flower stems in them and arrange the...

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A Great Collection of Antique & Vintage Glass & Crystal Ashtrays

A Great Collection of Antique & Vintage Glass & Crystal Ashtrays and What they are worth in money. http://what-is-it-worth.net or http://worthbook.net for more information on these and more...

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Fremont Glass Demo - Antique stain glass windows - Blown glass

Fremont Antique Glass and Studio One Glass Art are featured here. There are but a few skilled craftsman like these guys who still create beautiful stain glass windows. From the \

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Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : Tips for Finding Antique Glass Goblets

Antique glass goblets are rare, and they can be found at various estate sales, yard sales or antique shops. Find whole sets of glass goblets to add to a collection with helpful information...

finds a user from United Kingdom on Oct 7, 2012
i am not wanting goblets
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Antique Glass Insulator Press

This press dates from the 1860-1880's. It is an amazing piece of pioneer machinery. The upright bars are solid, not hollow tubing, and are threaded onto huge nuts below the table. The press...

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Digging Old Antique Glass Bottles 2

This is the second video of this dig. I am still clearing surface debris and finding tons of bottles. Not to the old stuff yet, but still some good finds.

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East India Company Magical Mirror | antique glass | 1818

Please watch: \

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Antique Glass Photo Frame

Add a vintage glass effect to a photo frame using this easy tutorial! See the full post here: Video: Jared Statler Music: Jeremy Larson.

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How to Make Antique-Looking Glass

Add some scary atmosphere to your Halloween party by making your own antique glass.

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Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : Collecting Antique Glass & Glassware

Antique glass and glassware can be collected from yard sales, estate sales, vintage stores and antique shops. Find out how to find great antique glass pieces with helpful information from an...

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Antiquing Glass - Antique Mirror Glass

Timeless Reflections custom designs mirror frames, does antique reproduction mirror glass, faux finishes and does woodworking.

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Franklin-Christoph 66 Antique Glass aka \

This is the long awaited Franklin-Christoph 66 Antique Glass aka \

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How to clean an antique glass bottle

Saw a couple of glass bottle forums after I found this gem. Others weren't sure how to clean them. I say it goes like this:

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Just for fun, looking at antique UV fluorescent uranium glass under medium wave UV lamp.

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antique storm glass


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antique glass vases & vases for wedding

A vase is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers. It can be made from a number of materials, such as ceramics , glass, non-rusting metals, such as aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless...

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How to Find Antique Perfume Bottles Art Glass & Crystal

Cobalt perfume, art glass or crystal. Great prices in antique perfume bottles!!!

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